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New January & February 2017 Scans

The gallery has been updated with new scans featuring the Riverdale cast. Thanks again to Neide for the new additions!

2017 Winter TCA Tour ‘Riverdale’ Panel & Portrait Additions

2017 Winter TCA Tour ‘Riverdale’ Panel & Portrait Additions

The gallery has been updated with more photos of Lili during the Winter TCA Tour. Thanks again to Neide for the new additions!

2017 Winter TCA Tour ‘Riverdale’ Panel – January 8, 2017

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‘Riverdale’ Additions

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‘Riverdale’ Review: Archie Gets a Dark, Moody Update… and Surprise, It Works!

There are about a million ways that The CW’s Riverdale — a slick new reboot of the classic Archie comics — could’ve gone horribly wrong. (See: NBC’s Emerald City.) And yet the new year is full of surprises, because Riverdale (premiering Thursday, Jan. 26 at 9/8c) actually turns out to be an artfully crafted, instantly engaging teen soap with loads of potential.

It’s an unexpected revival, to be sure, because the original comic-book hi-jinks of 1950s teens Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead are about as dated as sock hops and chocolate malts. But the Archie comics have been given a 21st-century revamp in recent years, proving that the franchise draws on strong archetypes that still resonate: The All-American boy. The girl next door. The rich girl. The nerd. And Riverdale cleverly uses those archetypes as a jumping-off point to tell a freshly compelling — and darker than expected — story.


The young cast of newcomers is convincing throughout, especially Reinhart as Betty, the Adderall-popping overachiever who’s tired of being the “nice girl” all the time. And the adult cast is filled with familiar faces, led by 90210 alum Luke Perry — who knows a thing or two about being a TV teen idol — as Archie’s grizzled dad Fred, and Twin Peaks‘ Mädchen Amick as Betty’s domineering mom Alice. The decision to make Jughead (Cole Sprouse) a sarcastic recluse who’s estranged from his pal Archie doesn’t quite work, at least not early on. But his role as world-weary narrator has room to grow as the show’s mysteries deepen.

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The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ is Dark and Mysterious, But Lili Reinhart is the Total Opposite

The CW’s ‘Riverdale’ is Dark and Mysterious, But Lili Reinhart is the Total Opposite

If you love the Archie comics, then you’re probably (not so) patiently awaiting the premiere of Riverdale on the CW.

The series is definitely a darker take on the comic books, but we can’t wait to see how the characters come to life. One of our faves, the fantastic Lili Reinhart, will be playing Betty Cooper and we got the chance to catch up with her this week.

She told us all about her awesome pets back home, crazy talent and more below!

Full Name: Lili Pauline Reinhart
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Birthday: Sept. 13
Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Fun Facts
1. She has two dogs that live with her family in North Carolina. “Delilah is my baby,” Lili tells Sweety High. “She’s a golden retriever, and we call her ‘Big D.’ Then there’s little Sunny. She’s a Yorkie-Bichon mix and enjoys laying in my bed until one p.m.” This adorable holiday shot of the three was just enough to send us over the edge.

2. She recently started a crystal collection. “My favorite piece is my aquamarine bracelet,” she says. “It emits a calming energy and promotes an even temper, which I need when I’m driving in L.A.” No argument there, road rage in the City of Angels is no joke!

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‘Riverdale’: The Cast Speaks Out


So what are your feelings about these characters?

Lili Reinhart: I guess we’ll start off by saying that our Archie is a lot less misogynistic than the comics. There isn’t a constant rivalry between the two girls, especially over the guy. They have more to their lives than Archie.

Camila Mendes: That’s the thing, there’s more going on in their individual lives than just the obsession with Archie and who he’s interested in that week. Their friendship in the ‘40s is obviously going to be different from their friendship now. There’s more kindess between them, but that’s not to say that there isn’t going to be rivalry as well.

Reinhart: It’s been seventy-five years and things have changed. The world has evolved. We’re putting the more modern version of Archie and Betty and Veronica into this world.
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Best New TV Shows of Winter 2017

Riverdale (The CW)

Premieres Thursday, Jan. 26 at 9/8c

WHAT’S IT ABOUT?: A subversive take on the world of Archie Comics, Riverdale puts Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and more at the center of a twisted murder mystery.

WHY WE LIKE IT: With a Gossip Girl-meets-Twin Peaks vibe and a ridiculously good-looking cast — including familiar faces like 90210‘s Luke Perry, along with refreshingly talented unknowns — Riverdale is easily the smartest, most addictive teen drama to come along in years, while also being pleasingly faithful (in its own way) to the source material.

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